Emirates IIC Services

Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as a responsible entity and trustee for several registered schemes as well as accountable entity and trustee for various extra controlled funding schemes. As an experienced investment company, we provide investors customized solutions to win big on the market.

We can supervise, and serve as an accountable entity for your portfolio. We also provide custody, registry, and fund management services and offer highly experienced investment managers to perform a wide range of services across the investment spectrum.

Emirates IIC Investments has partnered with several investment companies to facilitate registered schemes in a diverse array of asset holdings, and we offer funding managers professional and responsible accountable entity to represent their interests.

All financial institutions operate some form of accountable entities. Each of these entities must be certified under the Organizations Act and must hold a Denmark monetary license which allows it to provide financial services and to act as an accountable entity on behalf of registered controlled investment schemes.

How we work:

Every registered investment scheme has a guiding constitution. The constitution must be lodged with the Denmark Securities and Investments Agency. A registered scheme also requires a compliance plan which spells out its structures, systems, and mode of operation that will be adopted by the responsible entity to adhere to the provisions of the scheme’s constitution, and applicable legal and economic guidelines.

The compliance plan must be audited annually, and the audit records shall be submitted to the Denmark Securities and Investment Agency. The role of the accountable entity is to ensure that the provisions of the compliance plan and constitution of the managed investment scheme are followed and to facilitate continuous regulatory and legislative oversight.

In addition to offering the services of an accountable entity, Emirates IIC Investments also offers the following services:

  • Scheme registration

  • Scheme to offer/disclosure files

  • Designing compliance plans

  • Custody schemes

  • Appointment and monitoring of external carriers

  • Scheme management

  • Fund accounting

  • Unit registry

  • Portfolio valuation

  • Unitholder reporting

  • Complaints tracking and backbone

The functions of a responsible entity are similar to the role of a trustee who manages funding schemes. However, an accountable entity needs to discharge more duties and responsibilities.

At Emirates IIC Investments, we offer reliable and professional accounting entity services to assist managers of listed and unlisted investment schemes as well as large scale and small scale traders. If you need an accountable entity with a proven track record of managing registered funding schemes, Emirates IIC Investments is your best choice. While we deliver industry-leading responsible entity services for registered schemes, Emirates IIC Investments also provides trustee services for a wide range of unregistered schemes.