Business Structure

Emirates IIC has a strong and growing client base of investors whose main objective is to increase their portfolio of profit-generating properties in the real estate market. Our clientele includes several funds, companies, and individuals who are keen to enjoy the huge financial gains that are derivable from as many profit-generating properties as we can provide. By buying low and then carrying out required repairs to make properties almost brand-new, we ensure that our customers enjoy unbelievably high-profit margins on every transaction.

At Emirates IIC Investments, we have over 30 years of experience as active players in the real estate market, and we bring to bear our exceptionally in-depth knowledge of the properties markets to ensure that our clients reap huge rewards on all their deals every time.

Real Estate

Managing industrial and commercial real estate in Denmark is a highly complex and difficult task, which is why the gains of any investment in the sector are intricately tied to the effective management of your portfolio. Our highly experienced team of professional real estate managers bring a wealth of knowledge spanning decades to ensure you make profits no matter the market condition.

From our offices nationwide, Emirates IIC provides bespoke real estate management for every type of property in the primary markets including office buildings, commercial centers such as shopping malls, industrial buildings, residential properties such as condo complexes to undeveloped land.

As one of the leading real estate investment companies in Denmark, Emirates IIC employs a dynamic management and leasing strategy which is used to develop an annual running budget for properties under our management. We review this price monthly to reflect the current market realities relative to each sector of the real estate market. Our property managers carry out a quarterly evaluation of each asset, or more frequently where necessary. We also provide an in-depth quarterly accounting report and an annual summary to the property owner. Where property managers need to be on the ground, Emirates IIC will dispatch its managers to properties at no extra cost to owners.

IT and Telecommunications

Emirates IIC has been a long-term observer of the telecommunications industry and anticipates industry-disrupting developments. From generational shifts to increasing regulation and regulatory coverage, our team of seasoned consultants are active players in the telecommunications landscape and have a deep working knowledge of the industry and the many complexities and dynamics at play in the sector. Over the years, our in-depth analyses and far-reaching projections about the telecoms sector has earned us the respect and admiration of cable carriers, wireless companies and many stakeholders in the industry as a trusted and valuable guiding voice of the industry.

At Emirates IIC, our highly experienced team of consultants provide robust perceptions and a formidable understanding of the telecoms industry, exploiting opportunities, risks, and imbalances within the industry. Our strategic advisory services are driven by an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities confronting enterprises and provides recommendations on restructuring, personnel management and debt placements, and mergers and acquisitions, among others. Emirates IIC has undertaken the sales and evaluation of transactions involving small, individual deals to large, complex multi-entity engagements.