Our Vision

Who We Are ?

Emirates IIC Investments follows an investment philosophy which focuses on an active control and careful selection of investments that provide higher returns over the industry standard. While we understand that market inefficiencies can result in occasional unfavorable outcomes, we do our best to participate in only the most promising, low-risk investment projects.

Our Vision

At Emirates IIC Investments, we offer investments with short and accurate business projections which are performing optimally on the market at an attractive valuation regarding their intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of an investment is that value we derive after a detailed assessment of the value of the currency flows of the investment at the current market prices. All assets that we invest in are subject to this basic philosophy.

With the guidance of our investment philosophy, we can streamline our financing than many of our competitors. We are painstakingly thorough in our funding deliberations, a quality which is evident in large-scale investments in a smaller variety of assets compared to the market standards. However, we always ensure to maintain an ideal level of diversification relative to the price range of every investment profile.

While we take a proactive approach to the management of our portfolios, we make sure to do due diligence in all our investment decisions. We don’t invest on impulse, and when we do purchase securities, our objective is to manage them for the long-term.
Our investment decisions only follow thorough market research and evaluations and we only fund assets which we are convinced of the value and potential while decreasing our holdings of investments which have an increased risk potential.

We don’t have a rigid investing technique. Rather, we appraise each asset for its merits, value, and potential for growth because we understand that no two investments are alike in the highly dynamic investment market environment.