Emirates IIC Investments is an Aalborg(Denmark)-based investment company that specializes in investments in Real Estate Development, Infrastructure Projects, and Renewable Energy Solutions in developing and emerging markets.

Since inception, our company has built a highly professional and talented team of financial, legal, technical, and investment experts and consultants who have relentlessly driven the company towards its aspirations.

At Emirates IIC, we are passionate about long-term investments in critical, value-added sectors such as education and innovation, assisting disadvantaged communities, and the development of outlying areas, where we believe that the multiplier effects of our investments transcend material gains.

We are staunch advocates of gender equality and a forward-looking organization receptive to new ideas. We are dedicated to developing close collaborations with our clients to generate maximum returns on investments ethically for our shareholders.

At Emirates IIC, our job is to provide the financial backing to kick-start your projects in the real estate and infrastructure markets. If you need more information about our services, kindly reach us at:

Call: +45 36 98 06 82

email : info@emiratesiic.com