Emirates IIC is an Aalborg-based international Denmark Real Estate Investment Company with a primary goal of investing within the global and emerging marketplace. We are dedicated to helping investors from all over the world to create real estate portfolios across a wide range of industries if they wish to have investments in Property in Denmark. Emirates IIC has helped many organizations across the globe to create and consolidate investments in large-scale infrastructure projects in Denmark.

At Emirates IIC Investments, we are driven by an imaginative and highly entrepreneurial spirit with an insatiable appetite for solving your investment troubles. One of our best initiatives is helping investors from different parts of the world Invest in Denmark residential properties or developing opportunities for value-creation using a visionary approach. We achieve this through the use of a huge internal budget which we can deploy at short notice to acquire promising assets and create more opportunities for our investors. We are also a first-rate company regarding joint ventures with landowners and financiers, helping our clients create acceptable price structures in partnership deals.